Hydrocarbonet Separator  Hydrocarbonet Separators: Our range of separators manufactured according the EN858 are manufactured in HDPE for underground installation in flow capacities from small separators betwen 1.5 l/s to 10 l/s and big capacity separators with or without by- pass unitl 1000 l/s pick flow. We have also capacity to sell inner parts for countries where they have manufacturers of tanks and have just the need for the technology.  Grease&Starch Separator  HDPE for Underground Installation : Our range of grease and starch separators are manufactured according the EN1825 in HDPE for underground installation. There are also available solutuins in stainless steel for underground installation from our UG range. Grease&Starch Separator Stainless steel for Above & underground installation: Our range of grease and starch separators are manufactured according the EN1825 in stainless steel AISI304 grade for  above ground installation under the sink or in technical areas.     Reservoirs in Concrete  Reservoirs in concrete for storage of water or waste water:  Please see information about this products. Made with MAGIX

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Alarms for Oil separators : In accordance with EN858, all Separators must be provided with a robust device to provide visual and audible warning. Aluline supply a full range of visual and audible warning devices including: standard mains and solar powered alarms as well as mains and solar powered GSM alarm which will send text messages to a mobile phone of your choice. All Aluline Separator Alarms are ATEX approved. A total of three probes can be fitted in the Separator to automatically monitor oil, silt and liquid levels, notifying immediately when the Separator needs emptying and therefore eliminating unnecessary waste management visits Aluline, Lda.         Av. da Ponte, nº 40, Armazém E                                          Casal do Marco                                    Tel:   +351 212 742 468                   http://www.alulinept.com                             2840 - 167 Seixal - Portugal                 Fax:  +351 212 741 675                   info@alulinept.com

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